Gotta Incentives with Hunter the One

by Alsace Carcione and Hunter the One

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I first came across this track last year, and the instrumental just stuck with me. As I began to write the lyrics to the song at work, I unknowingly at the time poured my soul out. I called up my sister Hunter the One, who has one of thee most beautiful spirits I have ever encountered and sent the words to the hook. I asked would she do me the honors by singing the track and spitting a verse on it and she did without question.

I can't give a real reason as to why I took so long to release it. Or why it was not placed on my album Embryonic Paradigm, but nonetheless this song is powerful and holds a much deeper meaning than the naked ear will hear. The time is now.

It is painful to see that the world is in such a devastating place, a place where mothers mourn more than they share joy. The word life means nothing to most and that in itself is disturbing. We have to have a moment of silence for the families who have just lost their children, mothers, teachers, who were all heroes before we knew their names.

Life is to be treasured, to be cherished, and to be treated as a blessing, because still when our number is called, and it will be called, we have no choice but to answer. In the mean time, I as well as Hunter the One give you positive vibes. We look in the mirror every day, faced with the same obstacles everyone faces, and we would like to say hold on. Trust, trouble won't last always.

To have the power to think happy thoughts, is an incentive all in itself to be better than the day before. We hope you enjoy.



released December 16, 2012
Produced By Royal Audio Tunes
Written By Alsace Carcione and Hunter the One
Artwork Knesecary



all rights reserved


Alsace Carcione Dallas, Texas

Known for her crazy adlibs, witty intellect, and inspirational word play on the microphone the femcee continues to elevate to higher plateaus. A verbal scientist and toxic lyricist has been created and the world is being exposed to what will soon be one of the greatest phenomenon’s to happen to the culture of hip hop. Female emcee, songwriter, trumpet player, she embodies the definition musician. ... more

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